From Fermata…

He was one of the first people I met when we moved into our current condo and his friendship has been invaluable.  From what areas to avoid, to the quickest routes to get around the city, he seemed to have answers to everything.  Whatever he didn’t know Tony was sure to have the information.  They’ve been together for over 15 years and still act like newly weds.

Ronny and Tony work out at the same gym and both have the same passion for sports.  Whenever we’ve invited them over to dinner, by the end of the night, Tony and Ronny were watching highlights while Gerald and I looked on in disbelief. 

On top of that, Gerald filled me in on some specific details about the male anatomy and having Tony as a sounding board in the gym gave me insight into some of the more sordid fantasies a husband might be too afraid to share with his wife.

The four of us must have talked for at least and hour, despite the disapproving looks from the snowbirds surrounding us.  We didn’t care.  This table was our own personal island on the beautiful San Diego seashore.

Gerald pointed out some of the finer details of the city.

“Just wait until you get a chance to feel the night wind.  It’s magical.  Especially from the upper floors.  Every time we’ve been down here I could swear the wind was singing to me.”


“The sound of the waves crashing on the shore in the dark is amazing but it’s the swirling winds blowing through the courtyard that make it all worth while.”

“You can taste the salt in the air.  It makes everything electrifying.” Tony chimed in.

The look between them explained everything.  I could picture them licking each others bodies, their tongues searching one another in an attempt to devour every salted inch of skin.  I glanced over at Ronny wondering how the night air would add flavor of his cock.  Last night we were too tired to do anything but sleep so my plan was to make up for that this evening.

“What room are you in?”

“Room 14.”

“Lucky you.  It’s one of our favorites.  We’re right next to you.  So, if you need anything, just knock.”

The smile on Tony’s face was suspect.  Was that an offer or a suggestion?  There was something about it that excited me and I’ve seen some of the glances he’s given Ronny when he thinks I’m not looking.   Tony never shied away from telling me how lucky he thought I was.  “It’s thick in all the right places. Isn’t it?”  Yes, it was.  Gerald has told me things about Tony as well which had me wanting to take a look for myself.  Three cocks, one girl?  What would I do?

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