From String of Pearls…

“Put these in your mouth,” she says as she dangles a string of white pearls in front of me.  Terri smiles as she places them, bead by bead, in my mouth until I could hold no more.  All I could do is obey her commands and I know I would be rewarded tenfold if I followed her lead closely.

She flips over and straddles me again with that beautiful ass and pussy of hers inches away from my face.  Then Terri lowers herself in front of my mouth and asks me to put a bead inside her.

I use my fingers to hold open her soft brown labia as I take the leading bead and place it inside.  She sucks it in with ease.  Her pussy strength is incredible.  I had felt it work on my cock before but this was the first time I had seen it in action.  The shrill of her voice projects her pleasure as she takes in another.  I watch in amazement as she invites each one slowly to the sweet doors of her lips and her glorious wetness spreads around the shiny white bead until it disappears within her.  She whimpers with delight at each contraction as her juices drip into my more than eager mouth.

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