Only For Gina

The stench of the silicon spray from her freshly lubricated leather boots burns the back of Roger’s throat but he doesn’t dare recoil.  The sting of the last strike against his already swollen ass still radiates through him.  The sound of the click from Gina’s heels move in front of him and that smell grows stronger with each step.

“Is that a smile?” Gina asks as she stops.  “I know how to take care of that.”

He coughs not knowing what’s coming but the anticipation lifts the edges of his mouth even more.  He knows her reaction will be fierce.  His body goes tense as he fights the restraints that hold his naked body, face down, on the table.

“Stick out your tongue,” she whispers with a tone that forces the little slack left his body to escape.  His hesitation to follow her command makes Gina shift her legs.  The creak of the tight leather crawls into his ear.  Panic shoots through him as the shadow from her body covers the light that seeps through the edges of the blindfold.  “Don’t make me to say it again.”

Roger slowly extends his tongue, expecting the harsh taste of leather to coat the only part of his body that he could still freely move.  Instead, Gina removes the blindfold and glances down at him.  He shuts his eyes out of respect.

“It’s not gonna be that easy, Roger,” she states with a steel confidence.  “This time I want you to see what you’re doing.”

Roger opens his eyes with his tongue still extended to see Gina only inches away.  Her firm mahogany legs rose out of those freshly polished black leather boots. Her hand covers her pussy, which has two fingers inside.  He attempts to tilt his head in vain as Gina removes her fingers and places them right above the tip of his tongue.

“Too bad this is the closest you get to it,” she smirks as she pulls her fingers away.  “You know what I want.”  She turns around and backs towards him. “I have something special for you in the bag if you do a good job.”  Gina inches back until she feels the heat from the tip of his tongue on her ass.  “But knowing you, I doubt that will happen.”

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