For The Love of Spectales

Cat eyesYeah, I’ve got it bad but I can’t pin point when it started.  This one crept up on me.  I think it started in college but I don’t remember who it was that made me realize that glasses turned me on in the first place.  I do remember the person I dated in college would read in bed with their glasses on.  I forced myself to move to the other side of the room so my hands and body would allow them to enjoy their book.

A few times we fucked while they wore them and I was hooked.  There was something about those glasses that made me want to do anything or have anything done to me and I do mean ANYTHING!  The first time I allowed anyone to put anything in my ass they wore a nice pair of faux tortoise shell glasses.  I laid on my back so I could look at them and within moments I was completely theirs.

glassesmontageNow, I find myself giving lingering looks to people who wear specs rather than contacts.  It’s not always sexual but most of the time that image will drill itself into my mind and reappear when I’m alone and have the time and privacy to let loose and let go.

I’ve continued to dive deeper into the recesses of my mind trying to pin point that moment when I became a glasses fetishist.  I guess I have to blame Julie Newmar.

Julie Newmar

Now, I loved both Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman but there was something about Julie, when she put on those glasses, that had me grinding on the floor in my parents basement as I watched reruns of Batman.  Then I started thinking that maybe it was Marylin.

Monroe specs

This picture always grabs me.  Marilyn Monroe in glasses with that expression on her face that makes me melt.  This image is engraved in my head so bad I could draw it blindfolded.  This has to be the image that did it, right?  As I took a step further back I realized that the moment that sealed glasses as a turn on for me was something I had completely forgotten about.  That was until I found some pictures of my most recent ex while cleaning some clutter and realized that she looked exactly like Velma.

Velma Dinkley

That had to be it because nothing else that relationship really worked except for the fucking with glasses on.  Eventually, I’ll find a way to work this into a story with a much better ending than it did in reality.  As for now, I’ll just let the images float around in my head until I find the best way to use them.  Well, other than the ways I already do.

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