The First Last Kiss

The First, Last Kiss

“Why did you do it?” Sasha asks him as the pending lie forms on his face.

“What are you talking about?” Kevin responds.  He fidgets, afraid to look Sasha in the eyes.

“I tasted her on your lips when you kissed me.”

“What?  When?”

“When you came home tonight and why did you say when?”

Kevin can’t respond then spots Sasha’s packed bags at the door.

“Where are you going?”

She heads to the door.  He follows but can’t catch her. 

“I followed you to the hotel, Kevin.  I saw you with her.”

The door slams behind Sasha as she walks into her new freedom. 

That was over a year ago and today, when Kevin brought over their coffees at the café looking broken and lost, all he could do was stare at them. 

Allison grabs Sasha’s hand.  She  feels her animosity.

“Who’s that, Sasha?”

Sasha returns his gaze before she gives Allison a kiss.


Kevin finally looks her in the eyes.  She kisses Allison again, her lips soft and loving.  She knows this is where she always needed to be.

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