Don’t Call Me Gordita! (Excerpt)

The door to the supply closet creaks behind Kenton as Paulina keeps her focus on not falling off the wobbly stepladder.  Why they stocked the reams of copy paper on the top shelf is beyond her, especially with the frequency that they ran out of it.  This errand is a little vacation for her.  Away from the constant stresses at her desk, the demands of the clients who see her only as an administrative assistant.  A bit of freedom she created for herself when she emptied half of the paper out of the copier before she left the night before.  The fact that she is too short to reach the top shelf without the stepladder gave her extra time to attend to this task without too much notice.  Now, Kenton is here, which is both unexpected and fortunate, especially if he took this moment to act upon the hints she’d given him over the past few months.

“You need help?”

The tremble of his voice signals that he’s nervous.  Kenton’s eyes follow up her sturdy legs to the tightness of her skirt.

“I got it, okay?”

The tone of her voice projects frustration.  He stops, feeling maybe he should leave.

“Sorry.  I didn’t mean that.  Could you hold the ladder, please?”


He kneels behind her and fights the urge to look up.   He places one hand on the stepladder and the other firmly on her calf.  Paulina expels a gasp of excitement from his sudden touch, loses focus and finds herself stumbling back.

The fear of falling is replaced by the embarrassment of landing on Kenton.  In those few seconds, Paulina’s mind fills with thoughts of him being crushed by her weight.   Her body rapidly cascades towards him.  She closes her eyes expecting to feel her body crash into his then a strong forces holds on to her, stopping her fall.

“It’s okay.  I got you.”  His breath warms her neck.

She opens her eyes and looks over her shoulder to see him smiling at her.  His lips are inches away.  She traces the smooth russet brown skin of his face with her eyes. Her heart still races from the thrill of her fall then she feels the cool air rush between her legs.  Kenton had grabbed the front of her skirt when he caught her.

“I’m sorry,” he nervously pleads as he releases his grip but Paulina holds his wrist not allowing him to escape.

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about.”

She follows her statement with a bite of her lower lip.  She can feel his cock rapidly growing against her back and the look of awkwardness on his face only brought out his gentle nature.  Paulina could see another apology form in his mind but before he could speak, she reaches behind and places her hand on his bulge.

Kenton kisses her and she pushes her tongue through his lips.  She lets go of his wrist in the hope he would get the hint.  Instead he caresses her belly with gentle strokes.  Unlike Jorge, who’d grimace whenever he got close to her stomach, Kenton more than accepted her and his tender touch makes her wet.

Paulina grabs his wrist again and moves his hand inside her panties.  He grinds himself against her.  She moves his hand lower,  pushing their hands into a damp embrace with the pink cotton.  Then he stops.  Reality creeps in as the florescent lights above buzz around them.

“What if somebody comes in?”

“Then you can stop if that happens.”

Paulina pulls down on his wrist until the tips of Kenton’s fingers are moist from her pussy and with a tilt of her hips, sinks herself onto him.

“Coñjo!” she coos as she grinds against his fingers ignoring the footsteps just outside the door.

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