Looking Back To Move Forward

I’m in the process of moving right now and, of course, this is when my head is filled with ideas.

I’ve been trying to consolidate my writing to a fixed amount of time but if I had the choice between writing and packing, writing wins every time.  The strange thing about this whole transitional phase for me is that so many good things have happened and trying to make this change while doing what you need to do in order to keep things going has been difficult.

The best thing about all of this is that it has given me a chance to look at a lot of my old erotic stories which now make me cringe.  I wouldn’t say they are “bad”.  The characters and the core of the stories work great but the actually writing…  Well, it’s hard to believe that I was the person who typed that crap up.

However, what those old stories revealed to me is that I can always get better at what I do.

I can see all the mistakes, the bad analogies, the overuse of the same words to explain different situations with no emotional context.  Oh, and the constant use of passive tense!!!  If the writer I am now met the writer I was then I would slap them in that face.

SLAP!!  Ah, that felt good.

But I now have a benchmark to work away from and every time my ego starts to fill my head with greatness, I’ll just open up that folder on my computer marked “Old Erotica” and read a couple of line.

OUCH!  That’s hurt.

Now get back to writing and don’t forget how you got here.

I will do that.  Could I please have another?

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