Women in Neckties

There’s just something about this look that I find extremely sexy!!

And that was way before the modern-day fashionistas deemed it acceptable for women to wear neckties.  For me, the necktie gives a woman a sense of confidence.  I find the image powerful.  Still, there are too many times when a guy sees a woman in a necktie they jump to the conclusions that she’s a lesbian.

A few weeks ago, while hanging out with a few of my male friends at a bar, a woman walks in dressed nicely wearing a purple silk necktie.  A few guys stared but none of them approached her.  Then one of the knuckleheads in our group leaned over and says “I bet she’s waiting for her girlfriend to show up.”  Of course most of the guys at the table nodded their heads in agreement.  Some even tossed in a few more comments.  The point is, who cares what her sexual preference is.  She’s sitting there in a black skirt, stockings, nice high heels, a business jacket with a white blouse and purple necktie drinking a Guinness.  That seems damn near perfect to me.

Image by motifake.com

In my personal life, I’ve never liked being tied up all that much.  The few times that it has been enjoyable, a woman in necktie was involved.  Having my hands tied behind my back, with her necktie, as she plays with herself, just a few feet away from me, and all I can do is watch.  I fought hard to get free.  It was a necktie I bought her and I guess I did a good job teaching her the intricate details of the Windsor knot because the more I struggled the tighter the grip got which led to me wanting her more than I thought possible.  And to this day, whenever I see a woman in a necktie, my mind flashes back to that moment of that necktie restraint, my sweaty naked body and the sweet relief that followed when she eventually let me free.

2 thoughts on “Women in Neckties

  1. I think the nervousness involved with a woman in a necktie just stems from social belief that a man wearing a necktie has a certain level of power over other men, now put a confident beautiful woman in a necktie and the social structure that tiny piece of clothing provides, crumbles in the eyes of the insecure male…but a man who’s truly confident in himself will see it as it truly is. Damn sexy!

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