Home For The Hoildays

This is an excerpt from a novella I started writing many years ago that I’m planning on finishing next year.  Happy Holidays everyone and I wish you all a very healthy and prosperous 2012!!!


The children’s snores from the next room filtered the air as Henry sits in a chair across from Idella, nursing an empty beer bottle.  The flashing lights from the Christmas tree catch her body in an odd mixture of red, blue and green before going pitch black for a few seconds.  It’s in those dark moments where Henry feels the most comfortable.  The darkness hides his urge to go over to her.  He wants to but he knows he can’t for any other reason than their friendship has always had this safe distance since they were 16.  He cherishes the bond between them and by no means wants to break it.

“So what do you want?”  Idella asks in a tone soft enough not to wake her kids.  She feels his gaze from across the room and stares at the Christmas tree knowing she would have to make the first move.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been sucking on that bottle for 20 minutes.  Do you want another?”

“That would be nice.”

She turns her head towards him and smirks.  “Well, you know where the fridge is,” she replies before she turns her head back to the tree.  Everything about her posture reads annoyance and Henry tenses up feeling that he’s the reason for her demeanor.

“I wasn’t suggesting that you get it.”

“I know,” she smiles before looking him dead in the eye.  “I just thought you might need permission or something.”

Henry stands and heads for the kitchen but stops in the hallway to look back at her.  At 37, Idella’s body still enthralls him.  Even now in just a t-shirt and sweat pants he finds himself unable to look away.

“Do you want me to get you anything?”

“Only if you feel like it,” she says with a shrug and sighs before she turns her attention back to the flickering lights.  Henry has no idea what he’s done to upset her and heads into the kitchen to try and figure things out.

“Maybe this was a bad idea,” he thinks to himself as she scans the beer selection in the refrigerator next to the kid’s juice boxes.  They’ve talked to each other almost every week but haven’t physically seen each other in over seven years.  Henry is the person she leaned on during her divorce as well as when her other relationships that fell apart.  Idella was there for him when his engagement went south.  She made him promise that if he came back home for the holidays this year that he would carve out an evening to spend with her.  Now he stands with his head in the refrigerator hoping the cool air might help him make sense of what’s going on.  “Maybe she hates men now.  It makes sense with everything she’s been through,” he thinks.  Henry reaches for two beer bottles when he feels the warmth of Idella’s hand against the front of his pants.

“Why don’t you want me?”

The question is as shocking as her touch.  He’s been fighting that urge since she picked him up from his hotel.

“Has living in New York weaned you off from the charms of a Southern gal?”  His cock rises with each caress as the cool air from the fridge locks him in the reality of this moment.  “I know I don’t look as good as the last time we saw each other.  Having a couple of kids will do that, you know?”

What Henry knew was that her body has transformed into something delectable to him.  Her rich caramel skin shows subtle traces of the stress she’s gone through over the years.  The little bit of extra weight she has gained fills out her figure.  Even the stretch marks on her stomach entice him.  She is no longer the 16-year-old girl with knobby knees who befriended him during his punk rock phase in high school.  She’s a grown woman with the battle scars to prove it and he wants nothing more than to nurse her wounds but after 21 years, with only a few friendly kisses shared between them, jumping to the next step is not as easy as it should be.

“I never said that.”

“You haven’t said much of anything since the kids went to sleep.”

It’s true.  His attention had been on her breasts as they fought through the tightness on her t-shirt with the shadow of her erect nipples being caught by the flickering Christmas tree lights.  He again finds himself speechless as her hand continues to rub his cock.  He closes the refrigerator door but can’t find the strength to turn and face her.

“I didn’t want you to think that just because we’re alone that something had to happen.”

“You know what I want.  What about you?”

She reaches around him with her other hand and unbuckles his belt but he stops her.

“What about the kids?  What if they catch us?”

“What if they don’t?”

Henry’s mind races as he lets go of her wrists and turns towards her.  Idella’s eyes fill with an honest directness that penetrates his guard.  His apprehension fades away.  They stare at each other both knowing that the next step will change everything.  Idella pulls herself into him and gently kisses him on the lips as she reaches into his boxers and grabs his cock.

“So, I’m gonna asks you again.  What do you want?”

Henry knows what he wants most and Idella feels him give into her.  He places his hands on the top of her sweatpants and walks his fingers over the edge until her grasps the elastic band of her panties.  He pulls up on them as he greets her lips with a kiss and turns her around until her back is pushed against the refrigerator door.  Idella releases her grip on his cock and traces the soft ebony skin of his stomach.  He contracts his abs hard with each breath as their tongues search each other’s mouths in a wet embrace.  21 years of questions have now been answered with a simple kiss.  Idella softly bites his bottom lip as her hands move back towards his cock but he stops her.  They had gone too far to turn back now.  The frustration makes her body tense as she pulls her head away to stare at him.

“What now?”

The anger in her voice cuts through the air and Henry returns her frustration with a smile.

“Just relax,” he says through his childish grin.  “You said it’s about what I want, right?”

Confusion fills her body as she looks for answers in his eyes then he pulls her sweatpants and panties to her ankles and kneels down in front of her.  Idella gasps as the cool air rushes between her legs and Henry moves his warm hands up her inner thigh.

“We’ve know each other too long to rush this.”  He can feel her legs tremble from the warmth of his breath.  She opens her legs wider as he continues to move his hands further up her legs.  Idella looks down at Henry as he stares at her, exposed and untrimmed.  A tinge of embarrassment crawls into her.  She knew she wanted this to happen but after sending a full day with the kids she didn’t find the time to shave.  Idella starts to move her hands down to cover herself. “Don’t,” he whispers as he places his thumb on the hood of her clit.  “There’s nothing for you to feel bad about.”

Henry wets his tongue and looks up at her then extends it towards he clit.  Idella holds her breath as the warm air from his mouth has her hips inching towards him.  He reaches behind her and puts his hands firmly on her ass and buries his face on her pussy.  Idella’s knees buckle as Henry messages her clitoris with the fullness of his tongue.  She grabs the back of his head as she closes her eyes, lost in the moment of Henry’s Christmas gift to her.

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