Excerpt From Ludlow Street

The night after Paul dropped of Min’s boyfriend Tommy at the airport to go on tour for three months, Paul waits for her to close up the coffee shop so he can walk her home and discovers the true meaning of the last message Tommy gave to him when he got out of the car.  It’s after closing at the Ludlow Street Café and Paul waits for Min to finish at the counter.

“I don’t think that’s what he meant,” Paul responds in shock to Min’s revelation.

“That’s the problem.  I know what he wants.  He trusts you.  That’s why he’s okay with it.”

“What makes you think I’m okay with it?”

Min smiles as she carries the last stack of saucers to the drying rack.

“Do you really want me to answer that?  If you didn’t know Tommy and I were together what would you do?  Better yet, what did you want to do to me before you knew?  You don’t hang out here for the coffee.  We both know that.”

“The coffee’s not bad.”

“But the view is better, right?”

Paul stands and moves next to the cash register as Min disappears into the kitchen.

“Why didn’t he just say that when he left?” Paul calls out.

“You don’t get it.  I chose…”

The sound of the sanitizer drowns out Min’s last words.  Paul heads back to the kitchen.  Min leans against the sink and stares at him.

“I said I chose you.  When he goes away Tommy allows me to have my fun but we decided after the last time that it makes it easier if I let him know who it is first.  He like you so this was easy for him.”

“So, when he said for me to take care of you while he’s gone?”

She nods.  Paul feels trapped.  To him this doesn’t make any since.  Why would anybody agree to something like this?  In the few months that they have know each other this never came up.  Min senses his confusion.

“If you want to wait until his plane lands in London to ask him I can understand.” she says as she approaches him.  “But I don’t want to wait that long.  You don’t have to agree with this but we’d both be disappointed if you turned us down.”

Us?  The word hit Paul’s ear in an odd way.  He had pushed the idea of having Min so far into his mind once he met Tommy and the fact that Min is offering herself to him with Tommy’s approval is something that he can’t fully wrap his head around.  Min presses her body against him.  Her skin carries the hint of ground espresso beans and steamed milk.  Paul finds that idea he buried so deep in his mind rapidly digging itself up to the surface and wraps his arm around Min’s waist.  She leans her head towards his and softly licks his earlobe.

“We can start right now, if you want?”

Min steps away and unbuttons her pants as she heads to the sink.  Paul watches as she drops her pants to her knees.  She tilts her hips in Paul’s direction as she cups her hand in the dish water and lifts her shirt.

“You’ve wanted this for six month so I doubt that you will chicken out now.”

She holds her hand to her stomach and tilts her wrist.  The water streams down body to her soft black pubic hair. Paul walks over to her and places his hand on her stomach.  The little bit of fight he had is gone.  He slides his hand down to her pussy.

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint us,” she says as she grinds on his hand.  “And I know Tommy will be happy that I didn’t  have break my promise.”  Min pulls his hand away and turns her back to him.  She leans over the sink and glances over her shoulder to Paul.  “We don’t have a lot of time.  They want me to have this place closed up by 12:30.”

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