From Fermata…

Angela and Ronny have returned from the beach late in the evening.  They hear noises that peek their curiosity and peek through the blinds of their room at the bed and breakfast to see Gerald and Tony together on the balcony next to them with their bodies bathed in moonlight.

It’s amazing how quickly they removed the rest of their clothes but what is more incredible is Tony’s cock.  He’s already hard by the time Gerald yanks down his underwear and the moonlight enhanced every aspect of them.  Gerald licks his hand before he wraps his hands around Tony.  I thought about what he said about me being lucky.  It looks like both of us were pretty fortunate.

We hear them stroke each other in a mutual give and take as the shadows of their stomach and back muscles contract in the moonlight.  These two men enjoying each other’s touch starts a wave inside me.  I slide my hands down the front of Ronny’s bathing suit only to find his hand slowly stroking himself.  He tenses up for a bit when he feels my hand.  I think he’s shocked to find himself getting off to them but I reassure him that it’s okay by placing his free hand firmly on my pussy.

He pulls my bikini bottom to the side and finds my swollen clit.  I can’t help but put a firm grip around him and stroke his cock in rhythm to the shadows of Tony and Gerald.  I  feel his excitement as he moves his hands quicker.  I grab his wrist to control his pace.  There’s no need to rush.  I’m not going anywhere and the vision before us is worth taking our time.  I want this to last. 

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