New Year, Same Old Problems…

So, I officially have to go back to the “real world” starting today and I’m going to be running around from pillar to post until late into the night.  It’s a good thing to go back to work after having so much time off but the problem lies with how can these two worlds merge to the best of their abilities.

I guess I’ll find out but I’m not scared of the adjustment or my ability to get things done now that I will have a great deal less time to do them.  I just want to keep moving forward with what I started and never let up unless I’m not physically able to do so anymore.

So, I guess the key is to make sure that I allow myself the right amount to time to do just that and not allow that ugly monster inside me to rear it’s head.  This is a new day, a new writing career for me and a lot of good things have happened in the past few month that have let me know that I’m finally on the right path but that path is filled with land mines that I have to avoid.

So, I’m off to a day that I hope will bring me closer to figuring out how to do this and I hope that this 8 hour meeting to start off the day isn’t too boring or if it is, I have enough space to work on outlining the first novel I’m going to attack this year.

If not, this is going to be on hell of a day but no matter what happens, I’m determined to win this battle.

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