Happy Birthday, Marvin (Tidbit)

Marvin could smell Albert’s cologne as he stands next to him.  He watches intently and waits to see if Marvin could complete his end of the deal.  It started off as a friendly bet between lovers that has transformed itself into a fantasy for Albert that he couldn’t let go.  To see Marvin on his knees in front of Franco with a mouth full of cock only adds to his desires.  He never thought Marvin would go through with it.  He never expected him to give in so easily.  If Marvin would’ve protested he would’ve let him off the hook but he gave no fight.  A bet is a bet and Marvin is a man of his word.

“I can’t believe he’s doing this for me,” Albert thinks as Franco tilts his hips which allows Marvin to take the full brunt of his thrust.

But this was never just for Albert.  Marvin had planted the seeds of this fantasy in Albert’s head months ago.  An indirect comment here, a misplaced image on his computer, an open article on the coffee table led to this moment and Marvin could feel Franco’s excitement in his mouth. 

He glances over at Albert for a moment.  He knew the only way he could experience this was to make his fantasy, their fantasy and the look of joy in Albert’s eyes allows him to feel no guilt about taking things this far.  The fact that some stranger is looking on and enjoying the show only adds to Marvin’s elation.  He couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his 30th birthday than allowing Albert to share this moment with him.

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