The Allure of the Redhead

Gingers?  Rangas?  Carrot-tops?  Whatever you want to call redheads I’ve always found them sexy.  Even when I was younger, a girl with a head full of flowing red hair would not only capture my attention but hold it.

As an adult, I’ve tried to find the source of my obsession with red hair and the people who are lucky enough to have it.  What I found was a great deal of negative material out there that lacked a sense of historical or genetic substance.  It was a reaction to the color red more than anything.  Eventually, my search went deeper and I discovered The Roots of Desire (the myth, meaning, and sexual power of red hair) by Marion Roach.

I have to say that if any writer is going to have a MC with red hair, this book is a must for your library.  Not only does the book have tons of historical information in it, there are parts of the book that are just plain funny.  I haven’t read it in a while but I found it during my move and I have it sitting right next to my desk.  I don’t have any new material that features red head heads but I know that I will have some on my slate for later this year.

However, the one thing that this book and all my research seemed to lack was any information about people of color who have natural red hair.  I’ve known several and the combination of ethnicity mixed in with the stigma of the red hair was always an interesting match.  It’s something that is beyond rare and extremely beautiful if you get a chance to see it.  I’m not talking about dyed red hair.  I’m talking about all natural.

I knew a Japanese woman in New York who was a natural red head and also a fitness model.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.  Actually she was half-Japanese and half-Irish and for about 4 months, my complete sexual obsession.  She was like a 25 year old Japanese Pipi Longstocking that I wanted to dominate me.  She filled my dreams and left me sticky, wishing she would throw me down on her bed one night, climb on top of my face and force me to bring her to orgasm.

Pipi by Steven Stahlberg

Sadly, that never happened but I still have my dreams and I think I now have a new lead character for a future novel.

One thought on “The Allure of the Redhead

  1. Oh my word Kendel! As a bottle red myself, I am obsessed with natural red heads, I think them so beautiful, I just wish I’d been blessed, but it wasn’t to be… *sigh*

    Anyway with that, I’m fake firey hair and proud 🙂 don’t even get me started on the people who actually *believe* this colour is real… *grins*

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