Walk Away

Margot could still feel Tracee as she watches her walk down 136th Street wondering if Jarome had crossed her path as she exited her apartment building.  Her legs feel heavy and free as the subtle traces of lipstick shine off her thighs in the sunlight.  A unexpected twitch brings her back to what had happened just a few minutes ago.  The scent of Tracee’s perfume lingers on her skin as she embraces these feelings that she’s had for so long finally being justified.  They warm her as the sun filters through the fire escape window, wrapping around her and bringing her comfort before the storm.  What happened with Tracee was wanted and unexpected but the timing couldn’t have been worse. 

Margot looks at her wedding ring, knowing that what ever decision she makes has to be independent of what just happened.  Then the knock on the door startles her.

“Baby, you in there?” Jarome calls out.

Margot stiffens at the sound of his voice.  Her body is not yet ready to deal with his presence.

“It’s unlocked.  I’ll be out in a few,” Margot calls out as she grabs her robe from the bed.  She heads to the bedroom door, stops with her hand on the door knob and swallows hard.  “This is the wrong time to talk about reconciling,” she thinks to herself before she opens the door with Tracee’s scent still radiating from her skin.

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