14 Stories Above Sea Level (Excerpt)

The door to her apartment had barely shut before we’re ripping away our clothes.  We didn’t even turn on the lights.  This is where it had started for me and I know we aren’t going to make it to the bedroom so I bury my mouth on her pussy.  We fall on the couch.  I continue to lap her up and extend my hands to her breasts.  Her erect nipples radiate heat into the palms of my hands.  With a full extension that is reserved for dancers and gymnast she spreads her legs wide, inviting my tongue to go deeper than I thought possible.  Her clit presses against my nose, grinding harder than before.  Then I glance over to the sliding glass doors and can see my apartment in the distance.

“What?” she asks.

I look up at her and then to the glass doors and as if she could read my mind Eden walks over to them.  She turns her back to me, widens her stance, places her hands on the glass and points her ass in my direction.  I walk over and kiss the back of her neck before I place the tip of my cock at her opening.  I put my hands on her hips and she lifts them ever so slightly and I slowly insert myself inside her.  At the top of my stroke she exhales deeply.  On my backstroke, she gasps.  I take my next stroke slower than the first, feeling every muscle clamp around me in her soaking wet vacuum.  As I reach the apex of my stroke she looks at my reflection in the glass.

“Is this how you thought it would be when you look over here in the morning?”

The shock of her knowing caught me off guard.  A rush of embarrassment floods over me until Eden says, “Because it’s better than I thought it would be.” 

The knowledge of her desire for me sparks my intensity.  My measured strokes gain pace as moves my arms up her body towards the back of her neck.  I grab a fist full of hair and dive inside her with ferocity.  She gets wetter as I go deeper and she hammers back at me with such force I didn’t know who is fucking whom at times.

“Take this pussy, Walt!  Take it like you mean it, damn it!”

I pump away.  The sweat stings my eyes and drips down my abs onto her toned ass.  The vibrations of the glass distorted our reflection with each thrust.  She rubs her clit and puts a finger inside of her as I continued to fuck her.  I can’t take anymore.  I hold my breath, attempting to pull off a few more strokes but she clamps down on me and cums.  The contractions of her pussy push me over the edge.  I quickly pull out and paint her ass and back with a steady stream of silver pearls.  I try to catch my breath and she slides down to the carpet, her legs again weak from the pounding with her eyes fixed on my cock.  I join her on the floor, holding each other until our strength returns.  Then we head to the bathroom for that hot shower Eden had mentioned at the theatre.

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