Six Sentence Sunday #3

Yeah!!!  It’s time for another Six Sentence Sunday!!!

I’m happy to be doing my third one and I wanted to make this a little bit special.  I moved recently and I have always been the type of person who never throws away a notebook and lucky me, I found an entire one filled with stories that I started writing when I was still in college so here are six sentences from one of my favorite stories that I rediscovered.

Tale of the Jellyfish

Setup:  After several days with little sleep, Tyler finally has a chance to get some rest but an unexpected phone call from Yuki gives him a reason to stay up a little longer.

“Do you know what time it is?”

Tyler tries to sound annoyed but Yuki knows he has surrendered any hopes of returning to sleep the minute he heard her voice.

“It’s the perfect time for coffee,” she says in a hoarse voice as the hollow sound of her inhaling a cigarette tickles Tyler’s ear.

“I have to get up early in the morning.”

“Well, it’s morning now and I’m outside your apartment building in a wool coat with nothing else underneath it.  So, I guess I’ll see you in the lobby in about 5 minutes, right?”

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