Locked Under and Licking

Lying on my back with the salty taste of sweetness
sliding down the sides of my mouth.
Drowning in the darkness, not caring for air.
Soaking the sheets with her, locked under and licking.

The clenching, clutch, of thighs entraps me in a moist prison.
Seeking solace and searching for the prefect place to stay.
Breathing, pulsating, promising pleasure, if only I could stay here forever.
Swallowing slowly, lungs lunging in pain, locked under and licking.

Moaning if I could, mildly massaging for a moment
as she lifts her hips and lets out a sigh.
Only to place herself back, bumping, grinding, grasping
with her calves crossed behind my head.  
Skin on skin, squeezing, squishing, sounding out a scream.
Locked under and licking.

Collapsing, cascading, controlling my movements.
Releasing me to roll over, kissing the curve of my upper lip.
Twitching and turning, totally limp.
Whispering “I love you.” as she touches my chest.
No longer locked under, but still licking.

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