Flash Fiction Friday #1

Oh yeah, baby!!!  I finally have the time to do my very first Flash Fiction Friday with the FLASHERS!!!

One picture.  One hundred words (no more, no less)

Feel free to comment.  I’m a virgin to this so help me brake my FFF cherry.

The sweet smell of cinnamon coats his hands to cover the scent of the silicon lube I used on him earlier.  For months he begged me to peg him which resulted in tears streaming down his face as I fulfilled his request.  His taught fingers are reminiscent of the tension in his legs as they hung in the air while I penetrated him.  Now, it’s my turn and I couldn’t be happier.  He covers my mouth to muffle my screams.

“Are you ready,” Joshua whispers as he pulls my hair.

Ready? Hell, I’ve been waiting for this all night long.

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15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday #1

  1. Mmmm…hot!! Def loved this and ohhhh the tension and excitement! Congrats on your first Flash Fiction Friday! I’m a bit of a newby myself. It’s a lot of fun.

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