Six Sentence Sunday #4

Hello again and it’s time for another Six Sentence Sunday!

Today’s installment come from a WIP that I haven’t titled as of yet.  It’s about an assassin, who gets hired to kill a U.S. Senator but someone beats her to the punch.  This comes from the top of the story when my MC, Sahara, looks through her rifle site at her target.

The question is does he deserve to die.  No matter what he’s done or how many lives he’s destroyed will a bullet make any difference?  There will always be somebody else to replace him who could be much worse.  So, I lay here in the dark, on top of this abandoned building with my site set on their naked bodies and wonder what is the cost of a human life?  I can’t worry about that right now.  I have a job to do and the person who hired me named the perfect price.

Thanks again for stopping by and make sure you visit the other Six Sentence Sunday writers here.

7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #4

    1. What happens in the other person in the room is the one who kills him. She gets paid either way but the fact that she wasn’t the one to do the job puts her life in jeopardy.

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