It’s Always a Question of Why

I was having a conversation with a playwright friend of mine over the weekend and got locked on the concept of how to create characters.  For her, the dialogue comes first, which I still can’t wrap my head around that.  But I love her work and if this technique works for her who am I to judge?  For me, I always do extensive character bios before I even start thinking about what my story is going to be about.

I start building a character from the time they are born to the time my story starts and after I plot things out, I have fun filling in the blanks of this chapter in my characters lives.

As we continued to talk, she asked me if I do anything different when constructing my characters for my erotic stories?  I thought about it and I have to say “no”.

For me it’s always a question of “why” my characters want something.  Whether that is a man, woman, transsexual, fame, money, love…  It all boils down to “why” that character wants it.

I could write about this for pages and pages but the best way to get to the heart of this topic is to illustrate.

If you write M/M erotica do you ever think about “why” your character likes the type of cock they enjoy?  It’s easy to have your character love big, hard, girthy, throbbing, meaty cocks but that’s not the case for everybody.  There has to be a reason for it or better yet, if you create a reason for it in your character, it can only help you get to a deeper sense of who your character is.  It will also lock your audience into what your character wants more.  If they love Black, Asian, Caucasian, Pacific Islander, East Indian, Native American cock, give them a reason why they love it.

I have lesbian friends who don’t fall into the butch/femme ideal and love each other hole heartily.  “I love her for who she is.  Plus, she fucks me the way I like to get fucked and I do the same for her.”  I witnessed that joy once and trust me, they know each other better than most straight couples I know.

The same is true for any character you write.  I write a lot of group sex stories and when I do, I make sure that I construct the type of character that would be involved in group sex.  Trust me.  It’s not for everybody and to have a character that would want to be a part of group fucking or even be curious about it and even try it means that you have to figure out “why” they would do that.

Think about any fetish out there and I can guarantee you that there’s a specific reason why people enjoy it.

Not all of this information will show up in your stories.  It probably won’t show up at all except for the fact that your characters motivations will be that much more clear.  It can open up a world of opportunities and avenues that you could explore.

Who knows where your story could go if you were to allow yourself the chance to let your character go after the things they want most?

And the only way to do that is to know what that is yourself.

I do that with the characters in my other writing.  Why wouldn’t I do it for my erotica?

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