My Day Away From Writing

So, I took a day off from writing.

Actually, I was forced to take a day away from writing because I had a lot of stuff that I had to attend to and guess what… it all fell through.  I spent most of yesterday driving around Los Angeles and waiting for people to show up to their appointments that they had either forgotten about, even after I called and confirmed or they got caught up in something and by the time they were free there wasn’t enough time to do what I had driven all that way to do.

On top of that, the time frame that I have created for myself to pick which one of my WIP’s to transform into my first novel it quickly approaching and new, semi-flushed out idea are popping to my head.  Today would have been a good day to trying nad figure those things out but of course I had plans that didn’t pan out.

See, I try my best to write every day no matter what.  And that doesn’t mean e-mails or social media post.  I try to spend at least a few hours getting all the bullshit that is in my head out of there so I can have a fruitful day.  When I don’t write my brain feels like this…

(Click on Picture for Full Effect)

Trust me, that’s not a good thing at all.  I mean it looks kind of cool but imagine trying to write that down and make it make sense to others.  I try my best but once I can get the feeling that the above image creates in my out of my head, I can focus on getting to the good stuff.

Like last night, when I was watching the pre-show to the State of the Union address on MSNBC, I found myself really drawn to Rachel Maddow in a way that I haven’t felt in a while.  Trust me, I like Rachel a lot and even though I don’t agree with everything she says, she seems like the type of person I could have a fun time disagreeing with.  However, last night I found her alluring to the point of fixation and she wasn’t wearing her glasses which made it strange and exciting at the same time.

I spend more time reading and developing work than I do watching anything on TV, so when Rachel popped up on the screen I was glad the the break that I had in my two appointments today allowed me to remember just how the body and the brain and mix and match into one incredible woman.

Now, I’m not going off to write some kinky fan fiction with her in the center. (all though I could with ease).  It was just nice to have the part of my day that I wasn’t pissed off because the universe decided this wasn’t a day for me to write, she made me forget about being upset with myself and allowed me to take a deep breath, drink her in, and allow me to start of fresh today.

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