Six Sentence Sunday #5

It’s time for another Six Sentence Sunday.  I can’t believe that this is my 5th one and I’m happy to participate again.

Today’s installment comes from my WIP entitled “Oahu Moon” (working title).


At this point of the story, Horshi finds herself conflicted as the date of the final surgery in her transgender transformation is drawing near.  Her best friend Kent and his girlfriend Deidre have come over for dinner to help pack but the allure of a bottle of Patron has taken them away from their task and opens up a door of exploration.

Hiroshi isn’t sure if it was Deidre’s question or the tequila that has sparked her arousal but the one thing she was sure about is that this might be the last chance she’d have to experience an orgasm like this again.  The fact that Deidre hands are down Kent’s pants while her eyes were fixed on the Hiroshi’s growing erection only added to her arousal.  Was this what Kent meant when he said they had a going away present for her?  The look in his eyes gave nothing away but where he was focused reveals all.  Deidre reaches over, gently strokes the outline of Hiroshi’s cock through her skirt and then looks up at her with a smile.

“Just relax,” Deidre whispers as she lifts Hiroshi skirt and continues to tease Kent with her other hand.

Thanks for visiting and make sure you visit some of the other Six Sentence Sunday writers here.

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