Flash Fiction Friday #3

It’s time for another Flash Fiction Friday.  This is my 3rd one so let’s see if it’s true that the 3rd time is the charm!

One picture, 100 words (no more, no less) and several fabulous writers giving their own take on the same image.

“His breath stings me with its heat.  I feel his loving gaze on my chest and do everything not to look at him.  I want to but there’s something about this moment I enjoy so much.  I can feel him, you know?  It’s more than how badly he wants me but how much he needs me.  If I turn to look at him it might all disappear, you know?”

“Why do you think that?”  Jacob asks.

“He’s been dead for over a year,” Dustin chokes.  “This is how I want to remember him.  Does that seem strange to you, Doc?”

Please check out my wonderful fellow FLASHERS and see what they did this week with this picture.

20 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday #3

  1. Good job! Third time is the charm. I can so relate. When there has been a lost love and your mind plays such wonderful tricks on you, you don’t rock the boat. You stay in the “almost” as long as you can, before you have to wake up. I’ve cried from waking from a dream sooner than I wanted. So great job! You got it just right.

  2. So sad but so beautiful at the same time. I love the fact that he keeps images of him in his head, happy images.
    Great post

  3. Now I must admit that I had to re-read this one to make sure I got it. This is sooo cool. Leave it to the damn shrink to just sit there, charge $100/hour and then ask you what do you think? In the end, memories will be the only things we have that really count. Even thought the death of his loved one is sad, we should all have memories that special to hold on to.

  4. Oh this is beyond grief and yearning…so emotional, yet so painful. Wonderful take on this photo…made my heart hurt.

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