Six Sentence Sunday #6

It’s time for another six Sentence Sunday!!!  And since it’s Super Bowl Sunday (can I write that without being sued) and it’s my sixth one, I thought I’d have a little fun with this one.

The Setup:  Brian, a Patriots fan sits on the couch with his girlfriend Marva, a Giants fan on the couch right after the National Anthem is sung.

“What do I get if they win?” Brian asks with a smirk on his face that is filled with a confidence he lacks in real life.

“Well, what do you want?” Marva responds with her eyes focused on the television.

Brian points to his crotch and nods his head as Marva glances over at him and then rolls her eyes.

“And if the Giants win, I get Pete,” Marva coos as she looks at her phone before she gets off the couch and heads to the front door.  Brian looks confused until she returns with a handsome, muscular dark skinned man with the body of a Tight End.

“Pete, this is Brian,” Marva says through a devilish grin as Brian swallows his pride at the sight of this man.

I’m off to get ready.  Have a wonderful Sunday everybody and make sure you check out the other writers and their Sunday Six!!!

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