10 for Tuesday #2

Misty knew Jade is here for something else.  She could’ve asked her to be her maid of honor with a phone call.  The nervous look in Jade’s eyes told Misty everything she needs to know as Jade scans the supple curves of her breasts from across the bedroom.

“What do you say?” asks Jade.  Her breath is peppered with nervousness.

“About this or being your maid of honor?”  The obvious anger in Misty’s tone forces Jade to clinch her towel closer to her body. “This won’t be like the last time, Jade,” Misty states as she leans back on the bed and opens her legs.  She refuses to loose eye contact with Jade as she traces her hand down her body until her fingers find her clit.  “This time you can’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing.”

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