Six Sentence Sunday #7

It’s Six Sentence Sunday time again.  This Sunday I’m bringing you six sentences from my WIP “In Her Sites”.

Setup: Sahara finds herself back at the training facility after escaping she escaped from an unexpected attack at her hotel.  Now, she has to go back to the only person she feels she can trust, even though he’s one of the slimiest men she knows.

“I can smell it on you, Sahara.”

His voice echoes through the winding underground tunnels that she has once called her home.  Her body is still weak from her attack and she’s in no mood to play games with Maximilian.  With the little bit of strength she has left she awaits for his strike.  She closes her eyes and feels the footsteps approach before reaching quickly forward and grabbing Maximimilian by the throat.

“What the hell happened to you,” Sahara asks as her finger applies pressure to Max’s hyoid bone.

Thanks again for joining me for another Sunday and make sure you check out some of the other writers work here.

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