Six Sentence Sunday #8

These six sentences didn’t come from anything I’m working on.  I just needed to get this out in a creative way and strangely enough, I felt slightly better after typing these words.

The sudden trip from Los Angeles left him ill prepared for the harsh Chicago winter as the wind violently blows sharp shards of hard snow across his face leaving cuts of bitter red across his numb cheeks.  Still, it was no comparison to the pain in his heart as he hides behind the trunk of a large oak tree several yards away from her waiting for the last person to leave.  He hadn’t heard anything from her in the past few months, which was strange since they had kept in contact ever since she was a student in his class four years ago, and now he knows why.  As the last heavy winter coats flutters away in the cruel wind through the all encompassing grey that covered the city, he finds himself involuntarily drawn to her.  Even though they had only known each other for such a short amount of time, the impact she had on his life was immeasurable and seeing her picture placed below the headstone of her grandmother brought finality to the message he received from a stranger via e-mail two days ago.  He heard his heart crack as he dropped to he knees wishing he had kept in contact more as the salt from his tears left a sting on his cheeks before they froze on his face in this harsh Chicago wind.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.




I will hold tight to the gifts you gave me and feel free to keep visiting me in my dreams like you did in November.  I wish I knew what you were trying to tell me back then rather than finding out about it this week but I can’t thank the universe enough for allowing some of the brief time you had in this realm to be shared with me.

I will miss you always my friend and you will continue to inspire me to search for the deeper truth in my writing.

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