Weekend Dirty Dozen #1

This is an excerpt from my short story Girls Night Out that I’m currently doing a major rewrite on now that I’m free to do so.

In this story, Ernest and his girlfriend Darsha live together and once a month they give each other a night in the apartment to themselves.  Ernest loves the feeling of women’s underwear on his skin.  A secret he hasn’t shared with Darsha.  She is out with her girlfriend Marisol for a girls night out and Ernest takes this time to enjoy himself.  That is…

When Ernest enters the house and strips down instantly.   He pulls out the cheekies and smells the delicate scent of new material.  He places them on the bed, takes a long hot shower, lotions up his body before he gently put them on.  Ah, the feeling of constraint holding down his erection.  The soft shiny purple against his ebony skin forces tufts of black pubic hair through the sides of the lace trim, the sculpting of the cloth against his firm ass and that ever-present tiny black bow finishing off the package.   He looks at himself in the mirrored closet doors and fights the urge to get off.  He has time to play and wants to take as much time as he needs until he couldn’t hold back anymore. 

He wasn’t sure if it was the intensity of the job or the fact that he had worked myself up too much or maybe it was the wine but he felt sleep over coming him.  He drifts off in front of the television wearing nothing but those purple cheekies around his butt.

 A husky guttural laugh followed by the jingle of keys at the door shook Ernest out of his slumber.  He glances over at the DVD player.  It’s 1:30 in the morning. 

Thank you for stopping by and make sure you take a look at the other writers sharing their Weekend Dirty Dozen with you.

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