Six Sentence Sunday #10

These six sentences come from the rough draft of my novel “Invitation”.  It’s the story about a fiction writer who get entangled in a web of women after he receives a wedding invitation from and ex-lover, only to discover that there is something a great deal more sinister going on with this unexpected engagement.

Set-up:  Vince has just returned home from a mid-day romp with one of his lover’s.

It had been a few weeks since Carmen and Vince had gone at it that intense.  All he wants to do is take a hot bath and see if he could push out a couple of pages by the end of the night.  Vince opens the front door of his condo and quickly closed it behind him. 

The living room is pitch black and the shades were drawn.  Then, out of the darkness he hears a soft voice say, “What the fuck did you think you were doing?”  

Vince hits the light switch in a state of panic to see Virginia standing in his living room in front of him.

Thanks for stopping by and take a look at some of the other six sentences that other writers are sharing with you on this Six Sentence Sunday.

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