Six Sentence Sunday #11

The following six sentences come from my short story, THE FINAL DANCE.

Set up: Samarah, is on her way to the final sexual encounter with her boss, Duncan after implanting her essence into his mind for months.  He is just the last peg in the post before she reaches the head of the organization which has destroy this city and as a succubus, she relishes in the journey towards the kill as she walks the street in her human form.

The alley behind the old brewery is a few blocks away from the docks.  The sweet smell of hops is gone, replaced by urban decay.  The only humanity is embodied in a derelict rapidly jerking off to a faded graffiti mural of a naked woman smoking a cigar.  The agony in the barrage of nonsensical sounds coming from his mouth begs me to end his suffering.  It would be a quick and benevolent gift to him as he stands in this empty street with his pants down to his ankles.

“That’s the way you like it, Janet!!!” he yells as tears stream down his face. 

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