Six Sentence Sunday #12

Today’s Six Sentences come from my short story The Dinner Party that is part of the Naughty Nights Press free read Postcards of Passion.

Set up: Brynn returns to the house of her former lover Misha after and attempt to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend.  Misha allows Brynn to return under some conditions and Brynn is about to find out what one of those conditions will entail.

The music drowns her out as syncopated rhythms fill the house.  She heads down the hallway, stops and then heads towards the dining room.  Maybe her damp body will cause a rise in Misha.  She struts with confidence, turns into the dining room to see two people at the table with Misha. 

            “You remember Yukiko and Reggie,” Misha says with a smirk. 

            How could she not because the first time they met resulted in an unexpected threesome. 

You can get a copy of Postcards of Passion for free as well as some great discounts on book published by NNP below.

And as always, please visit the Six Sentence Sunday site to see what other writers are sharing with you today.

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