Six Sentence Sunday #13

I can’t believe I’m presenting my 13th Six Sentence Sunday!!!

This Sunday’s Six comes from a collection of short stories I’m currently working on entitled Quick Colorful Encounters and these sentences come from the short story “She Doesn’t Kiss On The First Date”.

The arch of her foot is beautifully concave as her black stockings stretch the thin nylon to reveal the ruby red toenail polish that matches her lipstick.  I inch my hips forward and release a peppered breath that I attempt to mask by taking a quick sip of wine.  At first, I thought this is a humble way to ask for a foot message.  That’s until she turns he feet in my direction and rubs the arch of her foot over my erection.  I tense up from her touch and she giggles knowing she’s discovered the answer to her question.

“Take off your pants.”

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out the other Six Sentence Sunday writers to see what they are sharing with you today.

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