The Whiteboard Saves The Day

The past few weeks have been… Well, let’s just the writer in me has been fighting with the reality of daily demands and this blog has somewhat suffered from that.  It hasn’t all been bad but for the most part it’s been unfocused to say the least.  It’s time to get things back on track and forget about the troubles around me for a few hours and allow myself the freedom to do what I love while I can still do it.

However, in order to do that, I had to take some steps that pushed me out of the writing and made me focus on the branding first before I start to implement my plan to try and get my writing out to the people who will enjoy reading it.  I’m finally happy with the look of this blog which was a task in itself.  I think I went through 5 different templates in a week, all which required moving around widgets and blogrolls only to see that I wasn’t happy with the final results.  With that out of the way now (or at least until I have another moment of panic and change it again) I can get back to focusing on the writing.  So, with the change in the look of the blog I also decided to change the way that I write.

Well it’s really not a change just a return to the old way I did things in college.  I went out and bought my self a Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Board.

As you can see, it’s nothing fancy but what it does is allow me to get out of my chair, get the blood flowing a little bit, and get active in a way that so far has helped me focus.  I placed it right next to my computer on the wall where I can see it at a glance to remind me what I’m writing about in an instant.  On top of that, it came with a dry erase marker with a magnetic tip so I can just toss it on the board and not have to search for it when I need it.  I also bought a few more markers in different colors just to jazz things up a bit.  So if I write something like this on the board…

I know that this is what the short story or chapter in the novel needs to focus on.  Don’t forget the details and let the mind be free.  Or this…

Now, we’re talking.  It’s like having a large note card in front of you that you can change, erase and add to at will.  I know that having one in my dorm room help organize my thoughts better.  The only draw back was having a dorm mate who didn’t understand the creative process.  So when I wrote something on the whiteboard like this…

I’d always get strange looks.  Kendel, it looks like you have some explaining to do.

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