Six Sentence Sunday #15

This year is flying by.  I can’t believe we’re in April already and I’m at my 15th SSS.

This Sunday’s installment comes from another short story that I’m writing as par of my Quick Colorful Encounters which is now starting to feel like it will be a collection of short stories that are a little longer that what I expected.

Anyhow, this one comes from the short story currently entitled The Birthday Party.  Kate recently broke up with her girlfriend and attends a surprise birthday party for her friend Olivia.  At the party she runs into Theresa, a woman who gets under her skin for many reasons, the biggest being her crude jokes about lesbianism and finds herself in an awkward situation that opens up uncharted territory between them.

Kate smirks as Theresa grabs her hand and kneels down behind the couch next to her.  She loses her balance on the way down and her left breast falls out of her dress.  Kate’s eyes fixate on the dark ebony areola clashing against Theresa’s tan skin with a taught nipple that points to the ground.  Her hand tightens in Theresa’s as she debates whether to say anything.  For once she’s enjoying being this close to her.  Just a few more seconds to burn this into image into her memory and then she’d tell her but right as she’s about to say something, the lights go out. 

Thanks for stopping by on this Easter and make sure you check out what some of the other Six Sentence Sunday writers are sharing with you today here.

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