Well, If You Really Want To Know

“What are you thinking?” she sweetly asks from the other side of the couch. 

I have no idea how long she’s been looking at me or for how long I had been staring into space allowing my mind to crack open those darker recesses of my being that need to be released.  It’s a fleeting thought that now carries weight as her question comes at a time when my controlled thoughts have betrayed me by sending a surge of sordid desires through my body and resting firmly into my painfully hard cock.

What am I thinking? 

I’m thinking of saying something to you that will force your primal need to punish me in the worst way, something that requires action not discussion.  A word or phrase that ignites an internal rage that will push you to the point of rushing over here and grabbing me by the throat, tempting me to say it again in order to fuel your rage.  I say it.  This time slow and clear to let you know I mean it and you respond by giving my throat a quick squeeze as you place your weight upon me, forcing me deeper into the cushions of the couch.

 I can see the wrath in your eyes as you untie your robe and tell me that you have the right use for that worthless mouth of mine and release your grip on my gullet just long enough to slide your body up mine and smother me with your pussy.  Through muffled moans I attempt to find the next remark that will add to your tyranny.  You won’t be able to hear it but you can feel it through my lips as you angrily grind you clit into my nose.

My cock swells beyond its painful presence to a point of extreme agony as you blindly reach back and take a hold of me.  Your fingernails curled inward, implanting an indication of your rage onto my shaft.  You tell me how worthless my cock is as you dig deeper to the point where I feel you might break the skin.  Then you release your grip, followed by an unguided strike that connects with my balls which sends my tongue deep into your cunt.  The pit of my stomach cries in anguish and crawls through me, which only excites you more.  Another strike is delivered, this time on purpose to the exact same spot, which has me writhing in pain and enjoying the sting to the point where a healthy drop of pre-cum crawls out of the head of my cock and seeps down my shaft cooling the stinging heat left by the impression of your fingernails. 

You look over your shoulder and watch the clear liquid coat the length of my mahogany bough and take pity on my current state of torment and decide that you won’t just allow me to cum but you’ll force it out of me as quickly as you can.  You grip firmly and stroke vigorously.  I can feel you pussy pulsating on my tongue as I struggle for breath, drinking you in and fighting for air at the same time.  Clamping your thighs against my ears you hold me where you need me to be and release yourself into my mouth, legs trembling and drenching my lips with your piquant dilution.  The velocity of your stroke around my cock has me pumping the air in earnest as you refuse to allow me to move my head away from your essence and with a twist of your wrists and a forceful tug upward, you force me to explode in a thick white blast that cascades against my sweaty, taught and panting ebony stomach.  You climb off of me and look at me with disgust as you scoop up a generous amount of my cum and rub it into my face.

All this flashes into my mind within seconds and the confused look on your face almost tempts me to say something.

“What am I thinking?  I was thinking maybe we could stay in tonight and watch a movie together.”

Her smile fills with love as she moves next to me to give me a kiss and I cover my erection in desperation wishing I had the courage to tell her exactly what’s going on in my head.

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