Six Sentence Sunday #16

Happy Sunday!!!

My six sentences for this week are a continuation of the developments that happen between Kate and Theresa in The Birthday Party that I gave a snippet of last Sunday.

Set up:

Things have escalated between them and now they find themselves in the bathroom of the adjoining suite together while the party for their friend Olivia is still going on.  After a rough start, they finally realize that the weight of this moment means a great deal more that just the pure sapphic attraction they have for each other.

Kate almost forgot, lost in the elegant sepia statuesque body in front of her.  She stands and wraps her arms around Theresa’s shoulders then elevates on her toes to give her a kiss.  This kiss is completely different from the last one.  The softness of their lips radiates the passion of this moment of recognition between them.  Theresa wraps her hands around Kate’s hips and pulls her closer.  Their breasts press together as their lips push open allowing their tongues to dance in each other’s mouths.

I hope this takes you mind off April 17th.  I know it did for me and make sure you take a look at what some of the other writers are sharing with you this Sunday here.

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