Six Sentence Sunday #17

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today’s Six comes from my free read “Gia’s Free Spirit” which is available at Smashwords.

The Set up:

Gia comes home from her first day of classes where her new professor has inspired her both intellectually and sexually but all that disappears once she see her girlfriend Sara, waiting for her on the back porch with a glass of wine and desire in her eyes.

The trembling of her Sara’s legs stop in a moment of suspended animation as her teeth clamp down on Gia’s erect nipple which forces her to squeal, and with a final gasp of containment, releases her self onto Gia’s hand with force of a volcano.  She lets go of the death grip on Gia’s wrist, her eyes roll to the back of her head and she pushes Gia’s fingers out of her as her rigid body morphs into a spongy reflection of satisfaction.  As Sara releases her mouth from Gia’s breast and sinks into the patio chair, Gia stands and quickly takes off her jeans.  While Sara’s eyes are closed and her body still sliding further into the chair, Gia pulls off her panties, tosses them aside and straddles her legs over the arms of the chair.  Sara opens her eyes from the shadow created by Gia’s body over her to see Gia’s wet pussy hovering above her face.  She extends her hand and traces the edge of Gia’s brown labia lips with one finger and places another inside Gia’s delicious pink.

The final version of the story is available now so go get it, read it, enjoy it and if you like, send me a comment or review it.

Also, make sure you visit the Six Sentence Sunday site to see what other writers are sharing with you today.

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