Six Sentence Sunday #18

This Sunday’s Six are another six sentences from my free read “Gia’s Free Spirit”.  In last Sunday’s Six, Gia and her girlfriend Sara were enjoying each other after the first days of class for this semester.  However, things have gone south since then.  Now, Gia finds herself in her writing professors office where things have escalated between them to the point of no turning back.

Slowly, she unbuttons his shirt and grazes her fingernails down his slight muscular chest to his nipples.  He edges closer to her as they continue to kiss and with a twist to his nipple he moves from kissing her mouth to her neck.

He savors her taste, not wanting to miss an inch of skin or forget a moment.  She wants to enjoy this attention for a little while longer.  It’s the sweet apprehension about not wanting to make a wrong move when you’re with someone new.  A subtle balance of power that gets lost when you find out what your partner likes and so far Alex hasn’t made a wrong move.

Thanks for stopping by this Sunday and remember “Gia’s Free Spirit” is available for free at Smashwords!

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5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #18

  1. That was great…I love the feeling you put in it. First times are always sweet and nerve racking too. 🙂

  2. A subtle balance of power that gets lost when you find out what your partner likes…

    This is the defining sentence of this snippet to me. This moment is what so many new couples live for and you’ve captured it in words wonderfully.

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