Flash Fiction Friday #14

It’s the first Friday in May and it’s time for another Flash Fiction Friday!

This was another fun picture to work with so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Remember, 1 picture, 100 words (no more, no less) and the FLASHERS having their own unique take on the following image.

“You’ll always hold a place in my heart,” Angie laughs maniacally as her skin breaks out in a peppered sweat.  “You said you’d love me forever.  I guess you were right.”  She licks the freshly oiled skin of her ex-lover which stretches over the pillows in her den.  “You’ll never leave me again, now.  If you just could’ve kept it in your fucking pants!”

The door opens.  Angie smells the scent of another woman’s pussy on Derrick as he enters and grabs a knife from under the fleshy couch.

“It looks like you’re about to have some company, Marcus.”

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you take a look at what some of the other Flash Fiction Friday writers did with this image.

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