Six Sentence Sunday #20


Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!

Today’s Six come from a collection of short stories that I’m writing about encounters at airports.  The following sentences are from the story entitled “Layover”.

Set up: Jasmine, a recently divorced woman in her 50’s gets showed in Chicago and hooks up with a young African-American pilot.  They get a room at a hotel across from the airport and their time together is something that they both need to experience.

“When was the last time you allowed yourself to fuck somebody?” he sweetly asks.

The wording of his question confused her momentarily but the meaning behind it is crystal clear.  He wanted to be taken.  After years of being the recipient of someone else’s passion, the offering of this beautiful man to permit his body to be used as an instrument of ages of unrequited hunger has Jasmine aroused.  With a simple nod, she accepts this gift and reaches her hand around his head and leads his mouth to her breast.

“Slap them first and then suck.”

Thanks for stopping by and if you have the time, check out what some of the other writers as Six Sentence Sunday are sharing with you today.


3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #20

  1. Great job of providing just enough information about her that the reader wants to know more about what brought her to this place, and how these two happen to be connected. I can’t wait to read more.

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