Flash Fiction Friday #15

Happy Friday!!

I’ve been under the weather both physically and mentally but I wanted to pop my head out of my cloud for this Flash Fiction Friday.

You know the deal.  One picture, 100 words (no more, no less) and several writers working upon the same image that I suggest you take a look at and comment on if you have the time.

Here are my 100 for today!

“She has your eyes,” Marcus says as he holds Margaret in his arms.
“Why?  Because they’re brown,” Kurt laughs.
“No.  Because they’re kind.”
Marcus steps closer to Kurt when Margaret yawns.
“That’s so sweet!  I can’t believe… after that night…”
Kurt gets emotional and Marcus puts his arm around him.
“We were both out of our minds but look what we got of it.”
They both look at her.
“Do you ever want to know?”
They look at each other.
“It doesn’t make a difference.  She belongs to all three of us now and we’ll love her no matter what.”

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12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday #15

  1. Loved this flash, would like to read the menage that preceded it too! Interesting thought, what would you do in that situation? Sounds like they will all stay together so that’s a bonus!

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