Flash Fiction Friday # 16

Happy Friday one and all!

As we wrap out May, we end with a great picture.

So, you all know by now, 1 picture, 100 words (no more, no less) and several different writers with their own take on the image.

Puddles of dying semen mix with the roar of the ocean underneath the pier.  The slick wood digs into her knees as the hand of an unsuspecting stranger pulls her head forward as he pushes his turgid cock deeper into her gullet. .

She’s been here before but for him, tonight will be his last.

His cock head quivers and explodes into her mouth sending a steady stream of warm white down her throat, which nourishes her need for human flesh.  As his last drop leaves his body she delivers a chomp from her razor sharp teeth leaving Nigella finally satisfied.

Thank you again for stopping by and make sure you check out what some of the other FLASHERS did with this image.

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11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday # 16

  1. What a great job and an amazing Twist at the end. Bet he didn’t see that “cumming”. 😉 Nasty lady but it is a very sweet tasting organ, so I guess she went for the best and will save the rest for later.

  2. Arrrrrrgggh, oh shit – that FFF should have a warning in front of it. Oh NO, she bit off his cock. Damn, why didn’t she just stab him in the heart of something? Fuck, now I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

    *Sighs* Begrudgingly, I must admit this is well written. Gawd, she bit off his cock.

  3. Nigella cooks AND eats!! How wicked. How sexy. How utterly evil. I LOVE the first line. It really sets up the dark, tawdry, selfish aspect of this piece. Wonderful.:) xo

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