Six Sentence Sunday #21

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve missed that past few weeks of SSS but I’m glad to be back this week.

Today’s SIX come from a collection of short stories that I’m working on that all have dark skinned African American female protagonists.  These sentences come from the short story Mocha Thighs & High Heel Boots.

The Set up:

Jamila has just moved in with her Caucasian boyfriend Blaine, who has started to indirectly push his need to have her dominate him sexually.  Jamila has no interest in doing so until one night, after a long day at the law firm, he presents her with a pair of brand new tailor made leather thigh high boots.  Then Blaine tricks her and, during a very romantic moment, makes her watch a interracial FemDom porn.  Jamila flies into a rage and things get out of hand until she realizes this might be something she could learn to enjoy.  These six sentences occur after Blaine has been waiting on his knees, at the foot of the bed, for Jamila as she prepares herself for her new dominate role.

The Six:

Blaine keeps his head down and trails along the golden carpet until he reaches the tips of her new boots.  Her legs are slightly apart and he follows the leather upwards to her freshly moisturized skin that glistens in the soft light of the bedroom.  His eyes trace Jamila’s thigh muscles until he reaches the bottom of her sheer black kimono, which hangs just below her pleasure zone.  Her dark brown skin radiates through the thin material and Blaine feels the leather straps holding down his cock stretch as he gets hard again. 

He glances up at her breasts that hang freely as she stands arms akimbo.  Her erect charcoal nipples push against the softness of the French lace, then his eyes catch a glimpse of Jamila’s ruby red lipstick and he quickly tilts his head to look at her face.

Thank you for stopping by.  This is my 100th post on this blog and I’m glad I was able to share it with you.  Make sure you check out what some of the other writers are sharing with you today at Six Sentence Sunday.

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