Beautiful (working title) Tid Bit

He always called her beautiful.  Where most men commented on her curves or blatantly stared at her breasts, Davis always called her beautiful.  From the first day she started working at the front desk he would come in with a bright smile and say “Good morning, beautiful.”

“My name is Lenore,” she’d say with a slight giggle.

“I know that,” he’d respond.  “But you’ll always be beautiful to me.”

Then Davis walked to his office and Lenore’s smile grew even bigger until Martin, the security guard, stomped towards her with a swagger that lacked any sense of smoothness.

“Girl, you need to let me get a taste of that delicious thickness.”

And just that quickly, her smile faded away.

That’s how it all started and now, every time Lenore hears Davis call her “beautiful” she felt a tinge of sadness because she knew he called her that now because sometimes he can’t remember her name.

It’s hard to believe that a simple game of basketball between them could result in this much damage.  It was a simple accident caused by some fallen leaves around the basket when he was going in for a lay-up.  When he tired to stop his fall she heard the tendon in his knee snap so loud that Lenore felt it in her body.  There was no way to know that a blood clot from his leg would travel up his body to his brain and turn this wonderful man into a shadow of his former self.

“Good morning… beautiful,” he’d say each morning as he watched Lenore get dressed for work.  She smiled back at him, searching his eyes for any signs of who he used to be.  Davis slowly blinked as his mind tried to find her name and forced a smile to play off his confusion but she knows her name wasn’t there.

“Are you sure, Dr. Wallach?” Lenore asked as Davis got dressed behind the curtain.

“Everything will be fine.  Plus, it will be good for him.”

Davis peeked his head through the curtain and gave Lenore a wink.

“He still has some physical limitations but I’m sure you two will discover what those are.”

It had been over eight months since Lenore and Davis had sex and the fact that Dr. Wallach gave them the green light both excited and scared her.  Davis held her hand tightly on the car ride home.  She could feel the excitement in the heat from his palm.

“We don’t have to start tonight, you know?”

“Why wait?  Unless you don’t want to.”

Lenore more than wanted to but after eight months, she wasn’t sure if she could contain herself when his “limitations” would arise.  Even when she pleasured herself, after the pain killers placed Davis in a deep sleep, she felt guilty and now she sensed a flicker of uncertainty not knowing if she’d be making love to the man he is or the man she remembered him to be.

Lenore lay on the bed listening to Davis whistle in the master bathroom.  Her nerves are dancing as she waits, wanting to create that perfect pose of him when he opened that door.

“Are you ready,” he called out with excitement in his voice.  Lenore took a deep breath before she responded.

“Of course, sweetie.  Are you?”

He laughed deeply.  It reminded her so much of how he acted when they had sex for the first time.  Then Davis opened the door and leaned against the door jamb completely naked.

“Hello, beautiful.”

He’d lost so much weight from not being able to move all those months but his rich ebony skin showed off his toned muscles.  His thick cock got erect as his eyes devoured Lenore’s body.  For a moment, she almost forgot about his injury until he limped towards the bed.

“Do you need some help?”

He shook his head and pushed through his awkward stride until he reached the bed.  Davis took hold of the headboard, leaned in and gave Lenore a kiss.  His urgent need radiated through his lips as his tongue explored the inner rim of her mouth.  Lenore fought her need to wrap her arms around his neck and allowed herself to let him feel her, as if it were for the first time.  There is a cautiousness to his movements with a hint of fear as he let go of the headboard and positioned his body next to her on the bed without breaking the kiss.  Lenore felt the weight of his body on the mattress as he rolled on top of her and placed his hands on her breasts.  Lenore gasped at the feeling of his warm hands.  She turned her body towards him and Davis winced.

“Are you okay?” she asked in a slight panic.

“I’m fine.  You’re knee just bumped into mine.  It didn’t even hurt all the much, Lenore.”

The sound of her name coming out of his mouth shocked her and set both of them at ease.

“Don’t worry, baby.  It’s gonna take a lot more than that to stop me.  Slide up on the bed.    There’s something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time.”

Lenore moved her body up the bed until she felt his breath on her thigh.  He released a groan as he rolled over.  She looked down at him with concern.

“Trust me.  Everything is going to be fine.”

Davis cupped his hands behind her knees and pulled them apart before he kissed her thigh.  His warm, wet mouth moved further upward.  Lenore released a sigh to calm herself and enjoy this moment.  She opened her legs and Davis looked up to see the budding wetness of her pussy.  Then he extends his tongue and slowly grazed the tip along her caramel landscape towards her willing opening.

“Oh, fuck,” she called out as his soft touch set her body on fire.

“Is everything okay, Lenore?”

She looked down at Davis and gave him a smile before closing her eyes and letting them hang over her head.

“It’s more than okay, Davis.  It’s beautiful.”


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