Danger From Below (WIP)

Her wetness echoed off the thin aluminum walls of the heating vent from the apartment below me as I attempted to push myself through the final touches of this editorial on the failures of the school district to moderate funding for inner city tutoring programs.  Each time my mind would lock on the specific wording of a phrase my focus was destroyed by the vivid sound of Diana pleasuring herself.

“Why don’t you come down here and take this pussy?”

Her words were directed at me.  Diana made no attempt to hide that but getting involved with someone who lived in your apartment complex, let alone someone who lived directly underneath you, was something I had no interest in doing.  That closeness created problems too numerous to count yet the allure of her voice, as it bit my ear from the vent above my desk, had my dick harder than I thought possible.

“Oh fuck, Keith!  Just listen to what you do to my pussy.”

A drenched symphony erupted as her guttural moans accented the jabbing of her her fingers inside herself which crescendoed with intensity until a wet slap followed by a shriek brought everything to a sudden stop.

“I know you’re awake.  I can hear your feet tapping on the floor.  You know you can’t write while I’m doing this so why don’t you come down here and do something about it?”

My dick was already in my hand as I fought off temptation.

“All you have to do is say the word and I’ll unlock the front door for you.”

Fuck!  She’s not making this easy and at this point, I didn’t care.  All I wanted to do is to make sure I was strong enough to stay in my apartment.  I pulled down my pants below my knees so any move to exit would be met with resistance.  I licked my thumb and rolled it around the head of my cock, closed my eyes and locked into her voice.

“What are you waiting for?” she whispered.  “I know how frustrated you are.  I would do things to you that she would never allow herself to do.”

I stopped.  In all the times Diana had done this she never got personal.  Then it hit me that as easily as I could hear anything in her apartment Diana could just as easily listen to what was going on in mine.  She must have overheard the last fight I had with Lynda.  The one where her lack of sexual exploration reached a critical point and when I called her on it. Lynda attacked me as a pervert and stormed out.  That was over a week ago and if she had done what she was doing now that night, I would’ve been down there instantly.

“She didn’t understand you like I do.  Sometimes you need to give a man what he wants so you can get what you need and I know what you need, Keith.”

“And what is that?”

I never expected to respond to her but my dick was throbbing and I was intrigued by what she might say.

“You need a woman who’s not afraid to embrace her sexuality.  Someone who won’t judge you for what you like and where you like it.  A woman who understands that you can’t find balance unless you explore the extremes.”

I went back to gently stroking my cock as her words invaded my soul.

“Did you really think denying what you needed would work out for you?  I could tell when I first saw her that she wasn’t a closet freak but you still tried to turn a housewife into a something she could never be.”

She was right and I felt a rush of anger fill my body at her recognition of my romantic flaw and took that out by increasing the strength of the grip around my cock as I stroked it.

“I’ve been there before and it never ends pretty but when we met we both felt the potential of where this could go.  Now, you’re sitting up there alone, thinking about what could’ve been and all you have to do is walk down those steps.”

I reached for my pants and stopped myself.  Everything about this was wrong and once I headed for that door there would be no turning back.  She was silent as if she were waiting for my reaction then a high pitched wail ricocheted through the heating vent that was peppered with restraint as the all too familiar sound of Diana’s vibrator layered underneath her voice.

“Stop acting like a bitch and come down here and fuck me or did she take your manhood with her when she left?”

I rushed towards the front door.  I didn’t even pull my pants all the way up.    All I could think about was throwing my hard mahogany cock between her caramel thighs, forcing her to cum hard as I released all of my angst into her body.  By the time I hit the bottom of the flight of stairs I was in full stride.  I turned towards her apartment and reached for the door when it opened.  There she was standing completely naked working the vibrator in and out of her pussy.  I stopped for a moment and watched as her stomach muscles flexed with each plunge of her hand.

“Get in here!”

She pulled me in her apartment and slammed the door behind me.  I leaned in to kiss her but Diana grabbed my pants, yanked them down to my ankles, turned me around and shoved my body against the front door.  I braced myself from crashing into the wood and arched my back to get better footing when I heard the vibrator turn off and felt her fingers reach between my ass cheeks and pull them apart.

“You don’t waste any time do you?”

“I’ve waited long enough.”

Diana worked up the saliva in her mouth before she launched a perfectly aimed projectile of spit in the center of my sphincter.  She turned the vibrator back on and stroked the tip behind my balls.  I clawed at the door as my erection ached in anticipation of Diana’s next move.  She moved the vibrator upwards and stopped right at my anal opening before reaching around and taking a firm grip of my cock.

“I told you I knew what you needed.”

Diana slowly pushed the vibrator past the tightness of my sphincter.  I took a deep breath and attempted to relax as Diana steadily inserted the tip of the vibrator into my tense muscle ring of pleasure.

“So, what took you so fucking long to get down here?”


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