The Birthday Party (Excerpt)


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Theresa and Kate find themselves alone in the kitchenette of the hotel suite at Olivia’s surprise birthday party.  These two normally don’t get along but for some reason, Theresa has given Kate special attention and Kate is trying to get to the root of her sudden change.

“So, how much weight did you lose?”

“Twenty pounds but if you count the ex-boyfriend about 250.”

Now everything made a little more sense and the smile that Kate gave in return was tinged with the knowledge that curiosity had brought Theresa to her.  Even though it’s been a while since she had tasted another woman and the image of Theresa’s bare breast still burned in her mind Kate was always weary of straight girls who get curious after breakups.  The journey to the other side was usually one sided and when it’s time to return the pleasure they usually balk.  Kate knew she’s in control of the situation but the image of her crawling up Theresa’s long body so she could ride her pussy on Theresa’s face melted into her mind as the potency of the drink flowed through her.

“This is damn good, Reesie.  I could go for another.”

“Follow me and I’ll show you how I made it.”

Kate ogled Theresa’s sculpted back, which was exposed by the cut of her dress.  She followed close behind entranced by each flexing muscle under her caramel skin as Theresa’s hips swayed hypnotically with each step.  She reached back and took Kate’s hand as she weaved through the crowd of couples until they reached the front hallway and turned into the kitchenette just to the left of the front door.  Theresa pushed the lavishly decorated swinging saloon doors open and pulled Kate inside before they closed.

“So, do you want to watch or do you want to try it yourself?”

“I don’t mind watching you.”

The tone of Kate’s voice radiated with flirtation and the saloon doors gave them a bit of privacy.  She leaned against the wall as Theresa grabbed two cups and scooped ice into them.

“First, we start with the Malibu.”

Theresa’s triceps flexed as she reached for the bottle.  Kate took a step towards her as she started to pour.  Then caressed her hand the length of Theresa’s arm to see how she would react.

“Your hands are warm.  That’s nice.”

Kate continued to move up Theresa’s arm, feeling every defined muscle until she reached her shoulder, then walked her fingers up the side of Theresa’s neck.  She leaned in and gently blew in Theresa’s ear.  Theresa gripped the Malibu bottle tightly and released a sigh as Kate took another step closer to her.

“What do you want, Reesie?” she whispered and wrapped her left arm around Theresa’s waist, pulling her body flush against her.  Kate’s nipples peaked as she slid her hand down Theresa’s body.  “Does your pussy ache for a my touch?”

The alcohol fueled Kate’s aggression.  She smelled the sandalwood body oil on Theresa’s body, which sparked her own needs as she clenched her thighs together and swiveled her hips into Theresa’s body.  The wetness of arousal built inside her as she moved her hand lower to Theresa’s inner leg but stopped to add a bit of tension.

“Or could it be anybody’s touch?”

Kate started to pull her hand away but Theresa grabbed her wrist and slid it between her legs.

“Fuck!” she cried out as she rubbed Kate’s hand against her pantiless pussy.  It’s an unexpected delight that gave Kate the answer to her question and she continued, with restraint, knowing that someone could pop around the corner any second.

“I want to hear you say it,” Kate whispered as she slowly clutched her finger onto Theresa’s mound.  “Tell me what you want, Reesie.  You want me to fuck you don’t you?”  Theresa nodded her head as she grinded on Kate’s hand.  Her hips were desperate and frantic as Kate felt the rush of dampness on her fingers.  She moved her hand to Theresa’s clit and placed her index finger directly against it.  “I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes!” she gasped.

“Then you’re gonna have to fuck me first.”