Misty In The Middle – My 1st Novella is Available for Pre-Release!

Misty In The Middle
Misty In The Middle

It’s finally here and ready for your eyes.

Yes, my first novella has been published through Naughty Nights Press and is available for you to buy.

Misty In The Middle

During her freshman year in college, Misty develops a close friendship with her resident assistant Roger, and his track star girlfriend, Joi. Their support helps Misty navigate the battles with her weight, the challenges of college life, and the new sexual demands from her boyfriend, Andrew.

Roger and Joi share an intimacy that Misty desperately wants. In an attempt to garner that same closeness into her relationship, Misty gives into Andrew’s lascivious demands only to discover his desires have a sordid ulterior motive. Broken but not beaten, Misty leans on Roger and Joi for support and discovers that the three of them harbor sensual desires for one another.

 Is Misty in danger of breaking up a solid relationship or will she discover that being loved by two people is better than being confused by one?

Links to where you can get your own copy are below.

Available for pre-release date purchase exclusively at NNP.

Also available at All Romance Books

Order yours early and help me break my novella writing cherry!


One thought on “Misty In The Middle – My 1st Novella is Available for Pre-Release!

  1. I’m interested to see what the story is all about Kendal, and I’m looking get a copy myself. Like the blurb, and have a thing for both interracial and MFF. Good luck on the release, and hell yeah, I’m getting a copy.

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