Misty In The Middle (Excerpt)

In less than a week, Misty In The Middle will be available.

So today, I wanted to share with you an excerpt of some of the action that happens in this novella.

What follows happens in Chapter One.  Misty is home from her first semester at college and is cleaning up after some New Year’s Eve festivities when her best friend Trina enters the kitchen with her lover Josh in tow.

Misty fights off sleep as she continues to wash dishes. The pangs of her unfinished orgasm flow through her body. She was so close and the picture Andrew sent her didn’t help. With Dustin on the couch, she will have to slip into the bathroom in the hallway to get relief. Then the idea of a drunken Dustin stumbling in on her gives her a chill. Misty tries not to think about sex and attempts to focus on washing the dishes when Trina staggers into the kitchen with Josh holding her around the waist.

“Oh, shit! I thought you’d be asleep by now.” Misty looks at Trina, whose eyes are blood shot and her breasts fight to stay covered by her silk robe. “I don’t think you two have met. Josh, this is my girl, Misty.”

Josh nods his head as he hides his body behind Trina. His ebony skin is smooth, and she can tell by the muscular definition on his arms that his body must be the same. Josh’s eyes consume Misty’s body as he delivers a grin fueled by the effects of weed.

“Nice to meet you. Sorry, I’m not really dressed to meet people right now.”

“Don’t be shy, baby. Misty’s practically family.”

Trina pulls her body away from Josh to reveal that he’s only wearing boxers. The outline of his thick cock protrudes through the cloth.

Misty mouths “Holy fuck,” as her eyes lock on the outline of his thickness, and feels her pussy spring to life. Trina catches Misty’s gaze and laughs.

“That earlier offer is still on the table. Trust me, I don’t mind sharing. Come on, Misty. You only live once.”

Josh sees the struggle in Misty’s eyes. Misty stutters and turns her attention back to the dishes. “I should probably finish these.”

“Leave them. We’ll get to them tomorrow when we get back from your parents’ house.”

“Are you coming with us?” Misty asks Josh.

“I wish I could, but I have to work.” He gives Trina a kiss on the cheek before he heads to Trina’s bedroom. “Don’t forget the ice cubes, baby. Nice to meet you, Misty.”

Both Trina and Misty watch as Josh exits the kitchen. “You don’t know what you’re missing,” Trina laughs as she opens the refrigerator.

“So, are you guys an item?”

“Only when we’re together. Look, I’ve been with a lot of guys, but nothing compares to how hard I come with Josh. Who wants to be tied down during their first semester of college anyhow?” Misty cuts her a look. “You know what I mean? It’s just sex. There’s no need to complicate things. However, Josh is on the top of my list. Who knows where it goes from here?” Trina grabs the ice tray. “So, where are you crashing? I see lover boy passed out on the couch.”

“With Kimmy.”

Trina smiles. “You might be better off joining us.” Misty looks at her, confused. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing. I’m high as shit right now.” She closes the refrigerator. “I can’t wait to taste what your grandmother is going to whip up for breakfast.” Trina heads back to her bedroom with the ice tray in hand.

“So, what are you going to do with those?”

“You should swing by and take a look for yourself if you really want to know.”

Trina flashes Misty before she leaves. That earlier urge inside Misty bursts to the surface. She rubs her thighs together, fighting the need to come as images of Andrew’s cock mixed with Trina and Josh fucking each other fly through her head. Misty grinds on the edge of kitchen counter in an attempt to push herself over the edge. Her knees bang against the wooden cabinet doors under the sink as she grips the porcelain, pulling her hips forward to gain more friction. Misty opens her mouth and releases short breaths until the rustling of Dustin on the couch snaps her back to reality.

“Fuck!” Again, Misty’s so close to release yet so far away. She peeks into the living room to see Dustin sitting up on the couch. “Dustin?” He doesn’t respond. She takes a few steps towards him and sees that his eyes are open. Then, he releases a snore that shakes the windows. “That’s just strange,” Misty whispers as she heads to the bathroom in the hallway. Her legs wobble from the combination of being horny and tipsy. When she reaches the door of the bathroom, Misty hears crunching ice.

“Now open that beautiful mouth of yours,” Josh whispers.

The door is cracked open enough for Misty to see everything. Trina kneels on the bed, naked with her arms behind her back. Josh stands on the bed in front of her with his rigid cock, wet from her saliva, swinging inches in front of her lips. He keeps Trina’s head at bay by her hair as she attempts to capture his cock in her mouth. He tightens his grip on her hair.

“I want you to beg for it,” he laughs.

Misty In The Middle
Misty In The Middle


And that’s just the start.

I hope you enjoyed this little taste and remember, Misty in the Middle is available for pre-release orders now at the following places.








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