Spank Me…Just How Perfect Can a Spanking Be?

Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

This one has been a long time coming. I wrote this piece in February 2013 after attending a sexy conference and for some very tasty reasons the idea just came to me. This is written as a partner to Spankdown with the same sexy two main characters and a cast of new spankees. Mmm… Imagine the possibilities as couples of various types come to learn the art of…well, spanking. The first in the sassy little collection, enjoy a taste of…


Victoria was just about ready to shut the entire idea about hiring a Master Disciplinarian out of her mind and out of the entire concept surrounding Spank Me. The nutcases flowing out of the woodwork somehow made Jeffrey Dahmer look tame.PerfectingDiscipline_MED All the mention about blood play and asphyxiation was entirely too much for her mind to even comprehend. She’d been around BDSM groups, having attended…

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